Valentin Sirbu

Full Stack Web Developer

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Valentin Sirbu

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Bacau, Romania


English, Romanian & Russian

About Me

24 years old, based in Bucharest, Romania

Hi there. I'm Valentin. I'm a Full Stack Web Developer living in Romania. I'm a young, self-motivated and competent person who is very passionate about web development, experienced full stack web developer with a deep knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

My strength is Laravel Framework and Vue.js. I have developed a wide range of web applications using this tech stack.

Seeking opportunities to work with clients and build long-term professional relationships with them.

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Top Personal Qualities


I'm available to work flexible hours. Reacting quickly to changing circumstances and finding new solutions.

Willing to learn

Always ready to learn new things in order to enhance my abilities and to contribute to the organization.

Critical Thinking

Trying to think clearly and rationally about what to do or what to believe.